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You can find me on youtube; Karen Jane Tinker; there, you'll find all my videos so far and there's pleanty more to come after this series for the Ascension Body--Atlantis, Pleiades, Commander Lord Ashtar. 

Here's the link for the 7th Transmission; https://youtu.be/yy1-IqRIVf4

Vous pouvez me trouver sur youtube ; Karen Jane Tinker ; là, vous trouverez toutes mes vidéos jusqu'à présent et il y en a plein d'autres à venir après cette série pour le Corps d'Ascension--Atlantis, Pleiades, Commandant Lord Ashtar. 

Voici le lien pour la 7ème Transmission ; https://youtu.be/yy1-IqRIVf4


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I am heartily sick and tired of hearing nothing but covid, 'get vaccinated', also equally sick and tired of the evidences which allow people to think freely being suppressed in social media and elsewhere.  Therefore, I am posting here some links for you to look at --IF you chooose to do so.


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Je suis profondément malade et fatigué de n'entendre rien d'autre que du covid, "faites-vous vacciner", et également malade et fatigué de voir que les preuves qui permettent aux gens de penser librement sont supprimées dans les médias sociaux et ailleurs. C'est pourquoi je vous propose ici quelques liens que vous pourrez consulter, SI vous le souhaitez.






The ban on "compulsory vaccination" has been voted by the European Court! 
The European Court has finally ruled on the ban on compulsory vaccination. The link in French is at the end with the articles of law of the European Court.
All compulsory vaccination is now illegal by default The Council of Europe
(not to be confused with the EU), to which all European states belong, with the exception of Belarus, Kosovo and the Vatican, which is the sponsor of the European Court of Human Rights, decided on 27.01.2021 in its resolution 2361/2021, among other things, that no one may be vaccinated against their will under pressure.
The 47 Member States are required to notify before vaccination that it is not compulsory and that non-vaccinated persons must not be discriminated against.
Discrimination is also expressly prohibited in the case of existing health risks or if a person does not wish to be vaccinated.
Vaccine manufacturers are obliged to publish all information on the safety of vaccines.
With this resolution, Europe's largest human rights organisation has now established standards, obligations and guidelines under international law, which must be applied by all 47 Member States, including the EU as an organisation.
Discrimination, for example in the workplace or the ban on travel for unvaccinated people, is therefore excluded by law.
In any legal proceedings, against any authority, any employer, any travel provider, any person in charge.
In French version:
See in particular §§
7.3 - 7.4 - and 7.5.2: "Use vaccination certificates only for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of vaccines, possible side effects and adverse reactions".

L'interdiction de la " vaccination obligatoire " a été votée par la Cour européenne !  

  La Cour européenne s'est enfin prononcée sur l'interdiction de la vaccination obligatoire.  Le lien en français est à la fin avec les articles de loi de la Cour européenne.

  Toute vaccination obligatoire est désormais illégale par défaut Le Conseil de l'Europe

  (à ne pas confondre avec l'UE), auquel appartiennent tous les États européens, à l'exception de la Biélorussie, du Kosovo et du Vatican qui est le parrain de la Cour européenne des droits de l'homme, a décidé le 27.01.2021 dans sa résolution 2361/2021 , entre autres, que personne ne peut être vacciné contre son gré sous pression.

  Les 47 États membres sont invités à notifier avant la vaccination que celle-ci n'est pas obligatoire et que les personnes non vaccinées ne doivent pas être discriminées.

  La discrimination est également expressément interdite en cas de risques sanitaires existants ou si une personne ne souhaite pas être vaccinée. 

Les fabricants de vaccins sont tenus de publier toutes les informations relatives à la sécurité des vaccins.

  Avec cette résolution, la plus grande organisation européenne de défense des droits de l'homme a désormais établi des normes, des obligations et des lignes directrices relevant du droit international, qui doivent être appliquées par les 47 États membres, y compris l'UE en tant qu'organisation.

  La discrimination, par exemple sur le lieu de travail ou l'interdiction de voyager pour les personnes non vaccinées, est donc exclue par la loi.

  Dans toute procédure judiciaire, contre toute autorité, tout employeur, tout prestataire de voyage, toute personne responsable.

  En version française :


  Voir en particulier les §

  7.3 - 7.4 - et 7.5.2 : " N'utiliser les certificats de vaccination que dans le but de contrôler l'efficacité des vaccins, les éventuels effets secondaires et les réactions indésirables ".




Please note that this is my intellectual property

During a skype call with Christine,31 MAY 2021, a Being came and prepared my voice for talking through me in Light Language—as best as was possible.  His voice is extremely deep and my voice box is human and female, so work had to be done to make both compatible.

He began speaking through me in Light Language and gave me the translations either during or after each bit, by telepathy.  I began recording part-way through because it became obvious that his message was very important with regard to the current global situation and expansion of consciousness.

There was a period of preparation where I asked if he could just telepath to me and save my voice box if it’d be easier for him.

Before we began recording, Christine was taking notes, transcribed here below, before the point of recording


Being; You (Christine and I) were (some of) the first humans. You were created, not born.  Not on Earth.  There was a hindrance before creation.

C; Was this to do with the 12 races?

Being; Not 12 dimensions, 30

K; So what follows on from that? 

Being: You are mixed.  Humans are come from 30 different dimensions, or races, from those dimensions.

Chris; I thought it was 12?

Being; before the 12, there were 30!  Then this was condensed into the 12 from whom you came.

Being; You are here to do Universal work (in Light Language - anxious and with an urgency)

C; I got the image of a scarab there

K; Can you explain the scarab image Christine got, please?

Being; Rebirth of Earth in a Higher Dimension.  Like the work you both did to create new worlds

K; Why rebirth of the Earth?

Light Language, using my voice. Contraction of diaphragm.

Being; Light Language, about pushing out inhibitor.

Being speaking in Light Language through my voice box.  (Have to say, he has a very deep voice and it makes my throat scratchy!)

K; Oh, no idea. Let's see if he's got something else to say. Or if the Lords have anything to say, because we know that there must be a much deeper message. Yeah, the Lords are saying yes current continue. Okay.

Being; Ooohaigomoryay. Ohm. Ohm. Ohm.

K; So, ‘ohm’ is about creation, if that's where he’s from. He’s giving me a sore throat now, ne’er mind.

K; I don't know what the rest was about. Did you get the feeling of what it was about? Can you can you really do your best to give me something in English, please? Lords, help us out here because we need to understand, it's obviously urgent. And he’s saying, “I will try.” He nearly did it but I wanted to save him a bit of energy. Okay.

K; Why is this urgent?

Being (using my voice) Because we have to, we have to move fast.

K; Okay. It’s gentler doing it in English, isn’t it?  

C; Can you stop your backchat

K (laughing) I can’t.  It’s what I’m like

C; (laughing) It’s you.

K; Okay, so we have to move fast. Why do we have to move fast?

Being (using my voice-box) Before the earth ends.  Then Light Language; Hamahmayohaioh, nononoanmaohnonono.

K; Okay. Sounds very Amerindian to me. That is not, I can see him. He looks, he looks like an African. With the image he’s projecting to me, okay, but the language sounds Amerindian to me. Anyway, never mind could be African. Could be Light Language. It is. Yeah, it is light language.

Okay. It’s… okay.

K; This is the original language we learned, this is the original language from which we were born.  Okay, so this is the original language from which we were born.  Where were we born? 

Telepathed answers; Everywhere. We were born everywhere.

K; Okay, right, okay. So now what he’s showing me is; we were born everywhere, because everywhere then was a lot smaller than everywhere is now.

So, this comes back to that question of expansion of consciousness, which we, which set us off yesterday. The words ‘expansion of consciousness’ set all this off.

K; So, we were born everywhere in this small everywhere. And as our 1consciousness expanded1, and our voyaging, all our travels, all our movement, all our thoughts created what we are now1. So, is that what we are now, in terms of the different races Extra Terrestrial and terrestrial?

Chris; What was that last bit again?

K: Erm, is that who we are now, is that all the races, Extra-terrestrial and Terrestrial and he said, ‘Yes’.

K; So, this expansion of consciousness has brought us to what we are now. So how do we use this expansion of consciousness to help the earth and other planets, other beings, to advance? Or do we not? Is there something we need to do with this?

Telepathed reply; Yes, there is.

K; It is much easier when he doesn't take over. I think it's easier for him as well.

K; Okay, so yes, there is something we need to do with this expansion of consciousness. And so, what do we need to do? We need to ex--expand it more by expanding our consciousness as you and I are now into the everything with…

Ch; as you said yesterday, I wish I’d remembered my shorthand

K; …with thoughts of peace and love.

K, receiving telepathed message; So, we need to expand our consciousness into the consciousness of All That There Is and ask that only love be brought into that expanded consciousness of all the races everywhere in the multiverse.

C: Oh, I feel that there’s a memory in that one

K; Okay, so, right, is this something more?

Being (using my voice) Yes. I can help, I can help.

K; Okay, are you going to give me light language which is about this expansion? I get the feeling he’s saying ‘yes’, but he's gathering his strength again. So, we might get some more as my friend, Mary, calls it, gobbledygook.

Being; in Light Language; Meh-anmeehnoidannavalnydow-naboeonay; urgh

K; Okay, that was interesting. That was another physical contraction of the diaphragm, to get to get the last of the inhibitor out.

C; Is that both of us or just you?

K; No, both of us, both of us.  and I think it helped him as well, because it was him in in my energy, to get the last of the inhibitor out to allow us to expand our consciousness higher (thank you to the Being), higher than ever before.

So those words were what that meant. So, he's helping telepathically with the translations. That's great. We're moving faster than I did at first with Marguerite. Okay. Brilliant.

So, what, what else do you need?

Telepathed answer; You need to, (he was looking for the word) you need to channel love all the time. You need to remain in the expanded state all the time.

K; Okay. Fine, I'll do that I don't mind doing that. Might need help from time to time to keep it going. But yeah, I don't mind doing that at all. So, we need to stay in this expanded consciousness.  

K; (To Christine) And I was asking the question, and I'm sure you'd be asking it. But we live here. And there are physical constraints. And so…

Being; No, there are not!

K; Oookay.

Being; (firmly) Your minds are capable of doing this!

C; Can I ask a question?

Being; Yes.

C; Just from what I was, I feel now I've been guided to listen to this Kryon2, because I've started this whole thing. But what he's saying is that you know, you have, you take on your favourite angel that you bring with you for protection, or crystal, it can be anything, but he is saying that you’ve got to stop doing that because it's telling your body that you're not powerful enough within yourself. So, it’s basically that Christ or Jesus, or whatever, you’ve got to say you want his consciousness inside you and so that you don't, you’re no longer calling guides for all that inside you, and one, because I'm always calling in guides, and I’d like to know if that’s weakening what I can personally do because I'm not trusting that I’ve got it all inside me.


K; No, what I'm feeling is no, it's not weakening it. But it's not helping. They're there. You're there.

And this expanded consciousness, hang on, because he’s, I need to burp, and he’s going to do some more talking. I need to get one thing out the way before the other.

K; It's gone. Okay. So, what he’s going to give us now will help to achieve and maintain the level of consciousness he and the Lords of Melchizedek as well, they're agreeing, would like us to achieve. (9m37s)

Light Language, going faster and faster;

K; (Cough) Excuse me, really he’s giving me a sore throat. Okay, so, I don't know what that meant as individual sounds…

C; I don’t know for where there’s all your scrcrcrcrat the back of your throat but I immediately started thinking xxxxx, but then I was getting the picture of a scarab but maybe it’s nothing to do with that?

K; Don’t know.  But when Marguerite does that as well, she sometimes she makes me talk so fast it's just a grrlllgrrlll. (It’s so fast I can’t get the meaning as well as doing what the Beings want; I get the meaning after)

K; Okay. Okay, so just a quick telepathic explanation in English if you can, please. Okay. It's what I said.  “That was to help you achieve and maintain the expanded consciousness we need”. and, by ‘we’ he’s now implicating himself with (Okay, thank you. Okay) all the races who are involved?

C; All the races?

K; Yeah. And he gave me the 30. Again, specifically the 30 who created us. (okay)

C; 30 dimensions or planets?

K; No, the 30 (coughing, excuse me) the 30 levels of energy or the 30 energies, which created us as the first humans.

K; But we weren't on this planet, remember, as the first humans. So that wasn't in what I’m recording, it was before we started recording that he said that.


K; So we were the first humans but not on this planet. But then, from that…

C; And why were we created?

K, hang on just a sec, because he's saying, from that, from being created from the 30 energies, then came the 12. So, the 12 you mentioned before.

K; Okay, and why were we created?

C; Can I ask a question?

K; Yes.   (12m12s)

C; Oh, okay. So, if you’re saying coming from the 30 energies is that the Elohim? Is that above the 12? Apparently.

K; Hang on.  (To Being) So if we came from 30, is that the Elohim?

Those are the 30 original energies, which ever existed. So if, yeah, so if you want to call it Elohim? Yeah. You've seen that that's a man-made name. That's a man….

C; OK, so, accepting all that, so what was the purpose of us taking physical form on wherever after that?

K; He’s giving me to feel that there was no specific purpose. It just seemed a natural evolution from the amalgamation of those 30 energies. It became a physical form with a consciousness, most of which we've lost since. There was a much, much higher consciousness in the first humans and now he’s correcting me and saying, in the first beings although he did say humans at first.

K; (13m39s) Okay. from the, from the 30, who created 30 energies which created the first humans, things evolved and expanded. (Huffing)

C; What?

K; Nearly lost, lost the connection there, or seemed to.

K; We seem to be okay. And, and as we expanded and grew, we we lost 90% of the consciousness

C; There’s your 90% again.

K; Yeah, yeah. I was verifying that as he said it to me.  90% of the consciousness we had as the first humans. So, in actual fact, we didn't evolve we devolved. Okay, so, ah, right because it was diluted. I was asking (telepathically) for a rational explanation of why we lost that higher consciousness. It was diluted as we expanded more and more.  Physical beings came from however, however, they were created or born at the time. (14m53s)

K; But why?  Why should that higher consciousness have been diluted?  I know. He’s saying, because we made choices.

C; Well, could it be that it wouldn't survive in the lower energies?  Being in the physical?

K; (telepathed reply) No, because it does. It does. And it can.

K; Where did the inhibitors come from? This must be about the inhibitors he spoke about before. So where did the inhibitors come from? And why would those 30 energies which seemed to me pure, because I could see the points of light from which we were born or created? Why would those pure energies turn into something impure and inhibit the higher consciousness?

C; And who created inhibitors?

K; He’s saying because something wanted to be God.  But all this…

C; xxxx the darkness, not saying who or what, just dark energies

K; It was just some thing and it looks dark. I can’t see the pure points of light I had before.  (16m04s)

K; Something wanted to be God.  Not God in the sense of the bible, might be because the God in the Old Testament’s a vengeful, not very pleasant creature. (16m17s)

K; Something wanted to be God-- can you expand on that?

If I'm picking him up correctly now, we're coming back to this whole situation, this current situation in the world, and he’s saying, this thing which wanted control over the physical beings is the predecessor of those who are now trying to have control over the physical beings, the rest of the humans.

C; Is this to do with Archons, then?

K; (telepathed reply) Nothing to do with Archons.  Same dark entities of current energies currently trying to control the Earth

C; xxxxxxxxx  (indecipherable)

K; Okay, let’s see if he wants to do any more Light Language through me This is powerful stuff we're getting through.

K; Okay, see what else he wants to say. And just feel into it again if he starts again, please. He going to do it. He’s bringing something up from the diaphragm again. Maybe that's his way of just getting my, my body prepared. Are we going?

Yes, we're going in this really deep voice he’s got which I can't reproduce properly. But he's doing his best.

C; You are going quite deep, I can tell you!

K; You what?

C; Quite deep

K; Yeah, I know. That’s why I'm getting a sore throat. He's doing his best. Hang on. Are we going? This is going to be quite guttural, I think.

Being; goyingbyohanabor orhraya… (too fast—gobbledy gook)

K; Seems like gobbledygook to me. Translation please. Excuse me (coughing). Okay. That was to continue opening is up and helping us to get to this higher state of expansion, higher level of expansion. Okay. And he mimicked me saying ‘are we going’ at first just to grab my voice and change it? Okay.

K; Okay.

Being; Ayawannanika mayannamma Rama

K; Interesting. Rama. Okay. Something else. No, he's just stopping there for a bit.

C; So what’s RaMa?  And why is that interesting?

K; Rama is Ra and Ma, so it's Father God, Mother Goddess. Or, that's how I'm taking it. If he means it. (19m32s)

K; Okay, and so just from the things I've learned over the past years doing energy work, if you if you chant RaMa or even MaRa, you can put whichever first, it brings. (Thank you) it brings the light into you, it brings the power of creati.. (Thank you) of creation into you. I was going to say. the power of Mother Goddess--Father God but he said ‘creation’, which is how we, if, depending on how you're brought up, of course, it's how we see God.

C; xxxxxxxxxxx (indecipherable)

K; He said that. Okay, so this is bringing the power of creation into us?

Why would you like us to have the power of creation? See if he's going to do the voice thing, or if he's just going to telepath. Why would you want us to have the power of creation?

Being; To stop this…

K; Okay? And he didn't even want to say the word ‘evil’; to stop this evil. We can't do it just the two of us.

Being; Yes, you can!

C; Oohhh

K; Be great to have some help.

K; And they've already put the idea into my head to, to put this on YouTube or something

C; It’ll be down, it'll be removed if you put that on YouTube.

K; It's Light Language, why would, why would they remove that? Because I haven't mentioned anything specific. I haven’t mentioned any specific words.

C; Well, you are xxxxxxx. They don't want anything to do with the Light? (20m15s)

K; No. No, well, okay, I might have to do a Bit Chute or something. Anyway, we'll look at that later. So, you wish us to have this expanded consciousness(Being takes my voice here) and to invoke the power of creation. Okay, that was quite urgent. (Back to the part about the rebirth of Earth)

Okay.  So, we need to invoke the power of creation which is why he gave us RaMa. Okay, and now I'm just confirming with him that's what he means. And I'm getting ‘yes’.  The Lords are saying ‘yes’. Okay, and to invoke the power of creation to stop the evil because the power of creation is light. So, obviously, light dispels the dark. Is there anything different you want to say about that? Is there a different way you want to explain it? And he says, No, that's fine. (22m13s)

C; Can I ask a question?

K; Yeah,

C; Is any of this in any way connected with the fact that I’ve been gifted the languages of dolphins, whales and sharks? Is that not connected with this in any way?

K; Exactly connected with this.  As you were asking, he was saying yes, you are to use that language to connect you with me. And with, right, it, sorry, he actually said us, but because I couldn't (grasp if he meant me or us) and then he corrected it to me and then he said I did really mean us, I'm just not showing you the rest of us now.

C; Coz we just don't know how to use it.

K; No, he’s just not…

C; xxx invoke it?

K; No, he's just not connecting you and me with the other energies which are of his level or his tribe or whatever you want to call it. (23m04s)

K; But he says…

C; how do I know how to use this? (23m08s)

K; You've been doing it, you've been using language of light, so all you need…

C; No, I’ve been using language of dolphins, whales and sharks, that was to be gifted.

K; That is the language of light or they are the languages of light

C; I know, something, it just didn't feel it was connected to that, and then I was told this, what was this blooming planet I was told about, it came from?

K; Albaran?

C; No, Alde,  Aldebaran

K; Yeah, Aldebaran.

K; Yeah, sorry. Right. So, the feeling I'm getting is from whomever, it's not necessarily from this Being, that you need to tune in individually to energy of dolphin, energy of whale, energy of shark. Call on the Light Language and as you tune into each individual energy of those creatures, you will get their language and it will connect you better with the language of light and connect you better with this level of consciousness. Now he's doing this really deep voice thing with me which the Lords of Melchizedek did at first, but it's not the same voice.  They just took my voice and spoke English through me but really, really deep voice and I would have a sore throat for days after.  Well, not sore, but kind of scratchy, husky voice, everything. It's quite sexy. I should probably have kept on doing it. Right okay, digressing yet again. (24m41s)

C; So, I have to do it individually with the dolphins, whales and sharks and start using their languages…

K; Yeah.

C; to connect with creation or…

K; No, up if you connect with each, each energy, dolphin or whale or shark tune into the light language as well and the two together will give you, for example, dolphin language, or whale language, and then that will connect you stronger with this level of energy this Being is projecting, or asking us to be in.  (25m18s)

C; R is going to think I’m going off my head!

K; Well, do it when he’s not listening.  

(both of us laughing)

K; Well, I hope this is picking up what you're saying as well as what I'm saying. But it's quite a good recorder. So it should.

Okay, so I'm just asking if he has anything to say, anything more to say and he’s saying

No, just connect. And he’s repeating, connect, connect, connect.

K; And so I've…

C; Has he got a name or anything we can use?

K; …been asking him, but hang on a bit, cos yeah, he’s reminding me that energy has no name, you know, when you get to that level.

So, what he’s saying with ‘Connect, connect, connect’, it's back into this expansion of consciousness. And I'm getting the same feeling I got yesterday when you mentioned that. And he was doing something again with my body there.

Right. (Okay, thank you.) To prepare, to prepare my body and you're going to have to get the same thing I think, to prepare your body for that expansion. (26m35/36 s)

Don't make me any fatter though, will you. Don't want me body to expand more.

C; Judy Satori says that your Light Language does make your body bloated, so..

K; Oh, deep joy?  Oh, well, that's, that's why I'm so bloody fat, then. I'm doing too much Light Language (laughing). I've been overweight for a few years. I'm going to have a….

C; He’s preparing us for further connection, is he, or further expansion? (27m)

K; The what, sorry?

C; It’s to prepare our bodies, is it, for further expansion?

K; Yes. Yeah. The way he's been making my body contract and then open up again. Yeah. So, you'll probably feel the same things.

C; Sorry, for connection or expansion?

K; Expansion, prepare the bodies for expansion, of consciousness. And he just said to me very clearly, ‘so you can recuperate your 90%’. Okay, because I've been, that was really funny, because while I was in session with my client this morning, I was asking, you've told, me, to guides and so on, you've told me I'm only working at 10% of my potential or my capacity. How do I get the other 90% again?  So, there we are. That’s the answer, expanded consciousness.

C; Where am I standing in this? Energy wise.  (27m51s)

K; Where are you? Where's Christine standing, energy wise? I got “she's with you”. Okay. C; So, we're both at 10%

K; Yeah. Okay, is there something more you wish to communicate either in the gobbledygook or in English? I was getting there, ‘repeat’, and I hope this is not coming from my head but it's his voice saying it. I cannot compete I cannot compete I cannot compete. Compete with what? You don't have to compete, you’re a… whatever.

K; And right, okay, saying that's for us. We don't have to feel (right, okay) we don't have to feel that we're in competition. And he's explaining, it's not exactly that. We don't have to feel that we're less than the others who are, who are channelling and giving out.. (29m06s)

C; It’s not limelight.

K; Yeah, yeah, it’s not about limelight. We don't have to feel well less than the others who are channelling and making their own videos and so on. And so, it wasn't quite ‘compete’.

C; But that's not talking about us competing with each other, he’s not talking about that?

K; No.

C; And so this thing getting rid of our hindrance or inhibitant, inhibitor or whatever it was..

K; Yeah,

C; Has that is that removed it from him or them as well?

K; He's, okay, he’s removing it from us, from you and me. He's okay now. And, and he was talking about it and making my body react physically to get it out. And he was inhibited because I was.

C; So, is it released from me or do I have to go through this same physical thing to have it released from me?

K; Oh, this diaphragm contraction etc? No, because he's done it with you while he was doing it with me.

C; OK, thank you very much for that (laughing)

K; So that's okay. So, right, that was why he was inhibited, because we were.  We had these inhibitors in us or on us…

C; OK, I’m glad he’s ok now, or they’re ok now.

K; Oh, yeah. Yeah. He’s okay.

K; Let’ssee if he's got anything more to say or communicate however.

K; So, you asked why we were created.  Oh, and he said, it was just a, something that happened, something natural. And he’s saying, it's a bit like the Big Bang, but with these 30 energies, which, which went into one. Oh.

C; So there wasn't a…

K; Oh, that's strange, my screen keeps going black.

C; Mine went black there as well

K; And that's the second time and he’s showing me HDM1, yeah HDM. But I'm only branched into all the things I'm normally branched into. How bizarre. Anyway, never mind.

C; So, erm, so, I was just going to say something there.  So, okay, so we were just created because there's a natural evolution and whatever?

K; A natural joining of these 30 energies

C; Right, that’s what I was trying to get into now. So, when we went into, I know he said we didn’t choose to go into physical form or anything, it was a natural evolution, (31m40s)

K; Uhuh

C; But since then, is there, I know it’s obviously to do with Light, but is there a particular,r strong purpose for each of our souls for Bioware? Here on Earth at this time?

K; They say…

C; Anything we're particularly supposed to do with this light?

K; No, just, just expand our consciousness into the Everything and bring the light through us and emit it.  That's all we're supposed to do. And he is encouraging me to get this recording out. I'll have to edit it, all my digressions.

K; I was asking telepathically if there was any more. And he says, “No. I'll continue to help you to, to expand, but you have to do it.   Soon, you have to do it immediately”, really he’s saying. “Expand. Expand. Expand.”  (32m58s)

K; Okay, that, and then I'm saying, okay, so we'll do that we'll, we'll consciously do our best to expand our consciousness. And he's saying, don't worry about it. I'm helping, it’ll happen anyway, because you've agreed to do this. And he's letting me know that by doing it, we really are helping the earth.

C; So, I'm being very human here. Ok?

C; So, when you said yesterday, when we're talking about Dex (C’s dog), that there's this massive influx of souls or whatever, wandering I around this area?

K; Yeah.

C; Is this, in any way, going to constrict me from expanding wildly? (33m44s)

K; No, not at all. Because we worked on that yesterday. And hopefully, they're all sent where they should go.


K; So, did you….

C; Coz I still just don't just feel there’s an incredibly, and I don't know if it's because I'm close to Stonehenge, but every day and I know, it's not just coz, and it's not that bad an area, I know I don’t like it, but it's not a bad, dangerous area or anything like that, but the oppression i feel every day is awful.

K; And this morning, when you walked the dog was anything different from yesterday and the previous weeks, etc.?

C; OH, he still lunged at cars and bikes.

K; Okay. Okay.

C; And I feel it all the time. Every day since I moved here, I feel it

K; Okay,

C; I feel so constricted in some way, you know?

K; Yeah. But hopefully, now that, ah, your consciousness is expanded and continuing to expand, that should help to dispel that. I hope so for you anyway.

C; Just wondering if there was any particular thing I was supposed to do or if there’s any reason that I was in amongst all this, you know? And I don't know if it's connected with Stonehenge or, because it is, as the crow flies, is probably no more than a mile, you know. (35m21s)

K; Okay, ‘No’, I'm getting. (35m21s)

K; He’s withdrawing now, but he’s still replying, but it's fainter. And I get the feeling that it's nothing to do with Stonehenge and then, “Expand your consciousness, expand, expand, expand”. Okay And he’s saying again, that when we expand our consciousness more, when we do it deliberately, in a few minutes or a half an hour, or whatever it happens to be when we sit and do, it we’ll reach him easier, or his level of consciousness.

C; Okay? And also, isn't, I don’t know if he’s still there, but are we just to keep doing this or are they wanting us to connect more?  Like this? (that is, on skype)

K; Right? Hang on, he’s saying that once we've achieved that level of expansion, he would like us to achieve, we don't need to do any more, except maintain that.

C; Yeah.

K; And all we need to….

C; And it’s not beneficial for us to be actually doing it together on skype?

K; that's another part of the question.

C; Right.

K; So, the expansion of consciousness; once we've achieved the level, we just need to maintain it. And all we need to do to maintain that is to know that we wish to do it.

C; I wish to do it.

K; Yeah. And, you know, I do, so fine. And he says, ‘We're almost there’. And he’s showing me this massive vista, which my physical eyes wouldn't be able to see the, the perimeters of, because I just don't have that level of vision in the physical eyes, but it's massive, but he’s, he’s showing me one side at a time. There's just a very small distance between us reaching the outer perimeters that he says they will expand as well. But we'll expand, but for now, we're, we're almost to the perimeters of what, what is the All That There Is.

So, we just need to affirm that we wish to maintain that. That's done.

K; So, the second part of your question was?

C; Is it beneficial if the two of us actually connect to do it?’

K; He’s saying, “Of course it is. But you don't really need to. When you do connect, there'll be other things to do with that expanded consciousness.”


K; Other work to do. Okay, so looks like we're back on track for our processes.

C; Good.  It means we have our purpose again.

K; Yeah. Yeeha. Okay, I'm just checking in with everybody who was here if there's any more we need to do today.

C; I feel quite sick

K; Yeah. That's probably that, whatever, that energy coming out. Is there any more?

Being, telepathically; No,

K; He’s saying goodbye.

C; Goodbye

K; Okay.  Switched recorder off


Connecting with the Being after this session, I got the following;

“We wish this to reach as many people as possible as it is time for the world to wake up!” says he.

Being; Remember your first book with the Lords of Melchizedek, who are here with us now?  In that, you and the LoM explained that every human thought, emotion, word or deed gives feedback to the all that there is, to the stream of consciousness that is the Infinite or Supreme Energy.  That is true. 

And now, the Everything, and the Everywhere, are much larger as the human world has expanded—or the population—with all your thoughts etc.

Remember, also, that it is not just human races who feedback to our level of consciousness.  There are other inhabited planets, many other races, some ‘good’, some ‘bad’ to put it simply.

K; About the ‘end of the Earth’ as you said in the recording etc.

Being; More Light Language, meaning that the Earth is shifting and changing but it needs help from all Lightworkers and others who are just beginning to waken.



from Kryon who I have listened to a lot. But this isn't a video just a message. Can't find it on my laptop and can't copy it. So going to type it all up for you here...so you can say. It was posted earlier this evening...so very recent

The Galactic Federation invites all STAR SEEDS!!!

We the Galactic Federation of Light are calling on all the Seeds of the Stars and the creators of light on Earth to raise the vibration and send this message to the dark forces on this planet

According to the Universal Law, we Galactic Body that oversees this part of the cosmos does not give the dark forces of energy our permission to continue to use the energy of the peoples of the Earth for their purposes.

As rulers of the Light, we urge you to leave the good citizens of the Earth alone, after many thousands of years when you are allowed to remain in this plane of existence, just because of the Law of Free Will, which was originally given to this planet.

Star Seeds, Lightworkers, and Earth Citizens, please speak aloud:

We, earthlings, do not give you, the invisible dark forces, beings, and entities, permission to control us in any form imaginable.

We do not give you permission to wage war against each other, poison food and water supplies, poison us with chemicals that harm the human body, animals, and the environment.

We, humans, do not give you permission to hold your sovereignty or to govern us heads of state who profit from people energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and by any other form of vampirism.

We, humans, are once again bringing our planet Earth under our control for the benefit of all the citizens of the planet and demanding that you, the dark forces that are part of the invisible, leave this planet immediately

This message came out for everyone to see and should be read aloud, copied, reproduced in all domains of the existence of this planet and the solar system in which we live.

..Only those entities and energies of positive vibrations and higher frequencies will get permission to occupy this planet Earth.

..We, the citizens of the Earth, are now returning home and expelling all the negative energies, beings, and entities that reside here.

..The forces and laws of the universe - leave now!

..Earth Gaia is the frequency of light that no longer allows lower, negative frequencies to inhabit the surface or any region below the planet's surface.

..All beings who do not vibrate at a higher frequency of positive and beloved energy for all - go now - leave this planet alone!

..This declaration of sovereignty for planet Earth is complete

..Leave the waters of our universe because your presence here is no longer agreed upon.

This is the Galactic Alliance of Light.

We thank the citizens of Earth for their endurance through the timeline of Planet Earth in many forms. We love you all and help you get rid of all the negativity you have had to endure.

We are sending you a new integrated light energy for the purpose of your healing as a global nation. We express our gratitude for your high determination in this galactic matter and ask you to hold the light briefly and then send it to earth to ground the energy deep in your planet.

All negative frequencies, energies, beings, and entities will pass into another plane of existence in order to experience the set destiny.

The planet will no longer carry energy that is not a pure source and that will go through a process of deep healing and return to its original pattern as it was created.

We, the Federation, please help bring out this message of declaration and transform all negative forms of thought, emotion, and energy into a source for healing and integration of your DNA codes.

We serve the common good and help the citizens of the Earth in this moment of history, as it is destined.

Send your declaration messages now - it's time.

..Galactic Federation and the first contact team of the ground team.







Available on Kindle now--but also--FREE--on my Writing' page

I woke just now, 21 June 2021 with messages coming thick and fast in my head.  Messages which were, in fact, turning into an essay!

Here they are—and, me being me, there’s some back-chat in there, too.

From the Lords of Melchizedek© (with whom I wrote my first book), high level beings, who, when I asked where they came in the grand scheme of things, finally told me, “We are the stream of consciousness which is God”.  For ‘God’, read Allah, Buddha, whatever you consider to be a Supreme Energy.

Please note that all this is by telepathy, not voices in my ears as such.

Christine is my dear friend and sister-in-energy ++ in UK.  We work a lot together for the Earth and the Ascension Process (on skype now as we live in different countries).

Lords of Melchizedek; Karen, good, you’re awake. Remember the Being you channelled two weeks ago, who was talking to you and Christine about expansion of consciousness? 

K; Yes (Still half asleep)

LoM; Good.  We want to expand on his message.  Remember that he told you that it is time for the whole world to wake up?  It is! 

Remember also that your friend, Colombe, told you that you were only working at 10% of your capacities? 

K; Mmhhmmmmm

LoM; It is time for you to come into who and what you are, now, to be the 100% that you were when creating the New Worlds with Christine.

K; Grumphy noise from me and, “Yes, what happened to that?”

LoM; We had you on ‘standby’.

K; So now I’m like a telly?

Disponible sur Kindle maintenant et gratuit sur ma page 'Writing'

Je viens de me réveiller, le 21 juin 2021, avec des messages plein la tête.  Des messages qui étaient, en fait, en train de se transformer en un essai !

Les voici - et, comme je suis moi, il y a aussi un peu de discussion de fond.

Des Seigneurs de Melchizedek© (avec qui j'ai écrit mon premier livre), des êtres de haut niveau, qui, lorsque j'ai demandé où ils se situaient dans le grand schéma des choses, ont fini par me dire : " Nous sommes le courant de conscience qui est Dieu ".  Pour "Dieu", lisez Allah, Bouddha, tout ce que vous considérez comme une énergie suprême.

Veuillez noter que tout ceci se fait par télépathie, et non par des voix dans mes oreilles en tant que telles.

Christine est ma chère amie et sœur en énergie ++ au Royaume-Uni.  Nous travaillons beaucoup ensemble pour la Terre et le processus d'Ascension (sur skype maintenant car nous vivons dans des pays différents).


Seigneurs de Melchizedek ; Karen, bien, tu es réveillée. Tu te souviens de l'Être que tu as canalisé il y a deux semaines, qui te parlait à toi et à Christine de l'expansion de la conscience ? 

K ; Oui (encore à moitié endormi)

LoM ; Bien.  Nous voulons développer son message.  Tu te souviens qu'il t'a dit qu'il était temps pour le monde entier de se réveiller ?  C'est le cas ! 

Rappelle-toi aussi que ton ami Colombe t'a dit que tu ne travaillais qu'à 10% de tes capacités ? 

K ; Mmhhmmmmm

LoM ; Il est temps pour toi d'entrer dans qui et ce que tu es, maintenant, pour être le 100% que tu étais lorsque tu as créé les Nouveaux Mondes avec Christine.

K : Bruit de grondement de ma part et, "Oui, qu'est-ce qui s'est passé ?"

LoM ; Nous t'avions mis en 'standby'.

K ; Alors maintenant je suis comme une télé ?


Here's an interesting youtube for anyone doing lightwork during this awkward global situation


i highly recommend this if you are a lightworker

Am back at work since 11th May, yeehaa. Healing/reflexology sessions. Formations de Reiki/Violet Flame and more. 
J'ai repris le boulot depuis 11 mai; yippeee! Seances de soin energetique/reflexologie plantaire.Formations de Reiki/Flammes Sacrees et ++. 

Reiki/Seichem Level 1 Sat and sun 6 & 7 June 2020. PM me for details if you'd like to learn this healing modality.
REIKI SHARE; Sunday 14th June. places limited for obvious reasons. PM for that as well, pls.

Reiki/Seichem niveau 1, samedi et dimanche 6 & 7 juin 2020. 
PARTAGE DE REIKI; dimanche 14 juin. places limitees pour les raisons de securite personnnel. 

Reiki/Seichem level 2, 20 and 21 June 2020.
Reiki/Seichem niveau 2, 20 et 21 juin 2020

Please use contact page for more details or to book

Merci de me contacter sur la page 'Contact' pour des renseignements et de reserver place.


hello, All

I have been working, building up again, steadily, since 11th May. Obviously, I and clients are taking the relevant hygiene precautions.  I will soon be posting new dates for my courses, which have changed for obvious reasons.  Distance sessions are still available.

The price for an hour's session is 50 euros (or £50 if from UK) payable by bank transfer or paypal.

REIKI SHARE; the first Reiki/Seichem share date is fixed for Sunday 14th June, 10.00--16.00.  The usual format for me is (and I am open to suggestions for it being different) meditation in the morning, shared lunch, with everyone bringing something to share then everyone in turn receiving a treatment from the rest of the group in the afternoon.  if you'd like to come along, let me know asap as the room can only hold so many people for safety and hygiene reasons.

Bonjour a Tous

J'ai repris, doucement, le boulot depuis 11 mai.  On prend, evidement, les precautions d'hygene. je mettrai sur ce site, bientot, les nouvelles dates pour mes formations, qui ont change, pour les raisons de confinement. Les seances a distance sont toujours possible.  

Le prix pour une seance d'une heure est 50 euros; on peut payer par virement ou paypal.

PARTAGE DE REIKI; la premiere date de partage de Reiki est fixé pour dimanche 14 juin, 10.00--16.00.  Le format d'habitude (je suis ouvert aux suggestions pour faire autrement) est meditation le matin, suivi par dejeuner partagé, tout le monde emmene quelque chose a partager, puis, l'apres midi, chacun a son tour de recevoir une seance par le groupe. Si ca vous interesse, merci de me dire aussi vite car la piece est limite pour raisons de securite et hygiene.



i just read this and wished to share!

j'ai toute a l'heure lu ca et voulais partager


All content on this site is my own (Karen Jane Tinker) unless otherwise credited! 

Tout contenu sur ce site-web appartient a moi (Karen Jane Tinker) sauf autrement mentionne!



I will be in Alsace October/November 2020

Anyone wishing appointment or to takes courses in Reiki/Seichem, the Violet Flame or the Lords of Melchizedek, please contact me via my Contact page and I will get back to you asap.


Je serai encore en Alsace en octobre/novembre 2020    Si vous souhaitez RV ou apprendre Reiki/Seichem, La Flamme Violette ou Seigneurs de Melchizedek, merci de me contacter vers la page 'Contact' sur ce site.  Je vous repondrai dans le meilleur delai.




Visit www.amazon.com or www.amazon.co.uk etc

best wishes to all




VISITER;  www.amazon.fr ou www.amazon.com etcetera

bien a tous

An image, again drawn from my request to the artist, Sarah Louise Pennock. Apologies for the not wonderful scanning!

Lords of Melchizedek

The name, Lords of Melchizedek, was given to me by a very high-level stream of consciousness because I pushed for something to identify this energy which was with me all the time.

Being human, it was I who needed this, not the consciousness visiting me!

The pictures you see are how this stream, or energy, showed itself to me--again as a human, I wanted a visual reference. 

Le nom, Les Seigneurs de Melchizedek, m'a été donné par un niveau de conscience tres haut parce que j'ai insisté sur une référence pour identifier cette énergie avec moi tout le temps.

En étant humaine, c'était moi qui avait besoin de cette 'identité, pas cette conscience qui me rendait visite.

Les images vous voyez ci-dessous sont comment cette conscience se présenté a moi.  Encore, comme humain, je voulais cette référence!


Here are the links to the programmes in which I have participated.

Ici les liens pour les programmes ou je participe.

1. Webinar link: http://webinarjam.net/webinar/go/replay/5471/0ac6d9223c/EP2352770TZ

This one is a healing and vibration raising meditation, by me, along with a short healing session by distance to viewers. 

Celui-ci est une meditation par moi-meme, ou la vibration personelle est elevee, suite une seance courte de soin energetique a distance.  En anglais.

2. YouTube Link - http://youtu.be/fANIai6D5l4

This one is a panel discussion about which therapist and which therapies to choose.

Celui-ci est pour regarder (en anglais) la conversation de choisir un/e therapeute et des therapies qui vous convient.

My Work/Mon Travail

As many of you know, I began this blog site as a way to introduce the Rays to people who were interested in matters universal and spiritual and to blog about the Ascension Process.

Now, however, I am taking the information re the Rays off the site as i have noticed that my work is being copied and claimed by others.  I will still be available, to those who are interested, to pass on information regarding the Rays. Some new ones have come in recently and I am working with them and other Ascension Projects.

Beaucoup parmi vous savez, j’ai commencé ce site pour introduire les Rayons de l’Ascension aux gens qui s’intéressent aux sujets spirituels et universels ainsi que pour ‘blogger’ sur le Processus de l’Ascension.

Dernièrement, j’ai enlevé ces informations car j’ai note qu’il y a des autres qui ont pris mes travaux et les copié et clamé comme les leurs.  Je serai toujours disponible, pour ceux qui s’intéressent, de passer des informations sur les Rayons.  Des nouveaux se sont montrés récemment et je continue de travailler avec eux et autres projets de l’Ascension.

The Reiki/Seichem continues as normal!  Le Reiki /Seichem continuent comme d'habitude!

Reiki/Seichem etc.

Part of my work is still to teach Reiki/Seichem (principally) and Egyptian Cartouche, both of which are forms of energy healing.

Une part de mon travail est d'enseigner, toujours, le Reiki/Seichem ainsi que la Cartouche Egyptienne, les deux, des types de soin énergétique.

I am prepared to travel the world as a Reiki and Seichem Teaching Master, Egyptian Cartouche Teaching Master delivering those courses.                            Je suis prete de voyager le monde comme Maitre Enseignante de Reiki/Seichem et Cartouch Egyptienne, en formant ces cours.

As this is the only way I earn a living, the groups I teach need to be large enough for me to pay my expenses and also earn that living.

C'est ma seule facon de gagner ma vie, donc il faut des groupes assez grands pour payer les frais de voyage ainsi que gagner ma vie.

I speak English (native language) and French;  for any other languages, I would need an interpreter. 

Je parle anglais (langue mere) ainsi que francais mais autres langues, il me faut interpret/e.

See Reiki/Seichem page for dates of courses.  Voir page 'Reiki/Seichem' pour les dates prevues des formations

Contact me via the 'Contact' page to organise courses in your area.  Me contacter pour orgnaiser des formations dans votre coin.

Metaphysics/Violet Flame/Lords of Melchizedek; Métphysiques/Flamme Violette/Seigneurs de Melchizedek

Lords of Melchizedek; There are already 10 levels of this simple, yet intensely powerful energy work. As people are now moving faster into their spirituality, these levels will be changing somewhat over the next few months.

Les Seigneurs de Melchizedek;  Il existe déja 10 niveaux de ce travail énergétique, extrement puissant et en même temps très simple.  Les niveaux seront changés pendant les semaines a venir car les gens avancent spirituellement plus vite maintenant.  

I am currently formulating courses in Metphysics for those who have expressed an interest. Je suis en train de créer les cours en Métaphysiques pour ceux qui s'intéressent.

Violet Flame levels I, II and III are ready including the initiation into the VF; level IV is being prepared currently.   

La Flamme Violette; les niveaux I, II et III sont déjà prêts, les initiations compris; niveau IV a venir très bientôt.

Sound Therapy; a day's course in the use of sound for; cleansing, healing and empowering.  Details by email/phone after you use the 'Contact' page.

Thérapie du son; un jour en utilisant le son pour; nettoyer, guérison, et de vous rendre plus fort.  Les détails des jours par email/phone après contact par la page 'Contact'.

For more information or to organise these courses in your area, get in touch with me via the 'Contact' page, please.

Pour supplement de renseignements ou pour organiser ces cours chez vous, merci de me contacter sur la page 'Contact'.


Affiliate links; for further self-help;



You Might Think I am Crazy, but.... On peut penser que je suis folle, mais---

This blog began about the Ascension Process 2012 and beyond.

Many people believe that the Ascension was only about December 2012.  I believe it is a much longer process than a few days connected with a planetary alignment.

So, here is my take on it in the following pages along with various experiences I have had.

For those who understand how it is to be a lightworker, it's comprehensible.  For those who don't, this may seem crazy!

For the print version of my book on the Ascension, see Amazon.  The Lords of Melchizedek; A Down To Earth Guide to the Ascension Process by Karen Jane Tinker.  It's also on Kindle and available at www.smashwords.com for other e-readers.

See My Books page for more.

Ce blog est au sujet du Processus de l'Ascension 2012 et après.

Beaucoup de gens pensent que l'Ascension est seulement en décembre 2012.  Je crois que c'est un processus beaucoup plus long que les quelques jours associés à l’alignement des planètes.

Dans les pages suivantes mon point de vue à ce sujet ainsi que quelques expériences que j’ai eu.

Pour ceux qui comprennent ce que c’est que d’être un travailleur de lumière,  ce sera compréhensible. Pour les autres, cela peut sembler fou.

Mon premier livre au sujet de l'Ascension, Les Seigneurs de Melchizedek est disponible sur Amazon Kindle en français ainsi que mon deuxieme--Entre le Ciel et la Vie Terrestre par Karen Jane Tinker. 

Voir la page ' MyBooks' lien/s d'Amazon ou vous pouvez les acheter.



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Karen posséde quelque chose de plus que d autres thérapeutes n ont pas ! Sens de l ecoute, pleine d humilité, les bienfaits de ses soins sont surprenants.

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coucou, Sandrine. merci pour ton message! je viens de le voir.
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Dear Karen
Did you make measurement of Your way of healing people ( Certificate, Studies on people,...) ?

Did You have measurement of the energy field of the p

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coucou, Sandrine. merci pour ton message! je viens de le voir.
a bientot, j'espere. salut

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Karen posséde quelque chose de plus que d autres thérapeutes n ont pas ! Sens de l ecoute, pleine d humilité, les bienfaits de ses soins sont surprenants.

19.08 | 16:51

Dear Karen
Did you make measurement of Your way of healing people ( Certificate, Studies on people,...) ?

Did You have measurement of the energy field of the p

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I really enjoyed this interview and the meditative exercise for re-harmonizing my chakras.

Thank you! :)

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