Just to say that I am still working hard with the Ascension Process, though I haven't blogged it for a while.

It remains my life- and soul's purpose to do this.

In between, I have to earn a living, naturally.  This does not leave much time for writing on this site.

If you wish to contact me re the Ascension Work, please use the contact page and i will be happy to reply as soon as i possibly can.

I know that it has now been over 2 years since I began working with anchoring Rays of Ascension and many changes have occurred in the world as a result of those rays.

Other people also work with bringing in and anchoring rays, I am sure.


On Sunday (January 25th 2015) I was made aware of another Ray which is being gradually anchored in Earth to work between the coloured Rays and the Diamond Ray.  As I said in other posts, the Diamond is the most powerful; I was made aware that the CRYSTAL RAY is here now to equalise the powers of the Coloureds and Diamond, facilitating the eventual anchoring of the Diamond.


The Crystal is as it sounds, crystal and scintillating, where the Diamond and Diamond Platinum are more solid in appearance and substance. 

I have the information that the Crystal contains all the colours, as does Diamond, but as it is more scintillating and moving, it is the medium for the other Scintillating, Coloured Rays and the solid Diamond and Platinum Diamond.


The Crystal should be anchored fully by Sunday 1st February 2015 and it will begin harmonising the Coloureds with Diamond and Platinum Diamond; this will take approximately one year to complete and allow equalisation of energies in order that Diamond and Platinum Diamond can be fully anchored in the Earth without causing disorientation.


By the time the Diamond and Diamond Platinum are anchored fully, there will be more people able to use those two more consistently.  At this time of writing (January 29th, 2015) I am aware that only 5 people on Earth are strong enough to use those consistently, i.e. channelling them through their bodies.  I only know 3; a friend, Jon, another friend, Misti, and me. 2 to find!!  Others may use them by invocation.

I am beginning to use the Crystal in healing sessions to good effect; I will report more when it comes through more strongly.

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19.08 | 16:51

Dear Karen
Did you make measurement of Your way of healing people ( Certificate, Studies on people,...) ?

Did You have measurement of the energy field of the p

12.01 | 11:40

merci beaucoup Karen pour tes explications claires sur ce forum
et surtout pour ta disponibilité depuis que je t'ai retrouvée

03.05 | 23:55

I really enjoyed this interview and the meditative exercise for re-harmonizing my chakras.

Thank you! :)

01.02 | 18:21

Just watched Lords of Melchezidek on Gift of Healing TV. What an amazing and beautiful experience! I continue to be blessed by your work and energies.

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