Another of my writings, here.  With the help of Gaia who is a living, breathing entity, the Soul of the Earth (for those who don't know)

All my writings/ramblings are copyrighted to me.

This Earth…

Is an amazing and beautiful planet and we are destroying it!  Not only by our ignorance and greed are we killing our home but by our lack of awareness or consciousness of our place in the Universe.

By ignoring our Earth’s needs and pleas for help, we are diminishing her place and that of the balance between the planets.  We are held in place by gravity between us and other planets; imagine that the Earth no longer exists or that she is halved in size.  That loss of gravitational force will not keep us and the other planets in place as we are now.  It cannot.


Think of it as an imbalance of chakras if that makes more sense; if one is out of balance, the whole system of the being (the person) is out of balance and can lead to severe illness.

So it is with the planets of our solar system and the universe as a whole.

Our beautiful Earth is already ill and dying!


We have been pillaging Mother Earth for far too long.  She is destabilised by being drilled for oil and gas, by being mined for coal, minerals and crystals.  Her atmospheric stability is damaged, probably beyond repair, by the wide-scale destruction of forests.  Microstructures are being extinguished by the deforestation, too, yet further destabilising the planet.  There is thus a chain reaction on our health and general well-being.  We are destroying ourselves as well as killing our planet.

Humans are more inclined to take care of their house-homes than the planet which holds those houses and over 7 billion of us idiots.


We need to grow up and take responsibility for Earth or die along with her and the solar system.  Gaia is ready to explode or collapse. I am reliably informed that the Earth, being a planet will not actually explode. However, her system is very much weakened and she cannot take much more.  Her spirit is dying and losing hope.  Her energy or life-force is being extinguished.


As the supposedly ‘most conscious’, or ‘thinking’, race on earth, we must be more aware of our actions in a Universal manner.  By raising our individual and collective consciousness, we may be just able to save ourselves and Earth so that future generations may also enjoy an existence here.

We are here for Earth, not the other way around!


The Earth being destabilised by mining and deforestation is partly the reason for increasingly violent storms, earthquakes and tsunamis.  It is true (to me and my guides at least) that the Earth is still young (in the grand scheme of things cosmic) and being young, is still not fully formed—NOR HAS SHE HAD CHANCE TO BE.


Let me put this into this perspective; we are a young race, not fully developed.  We are still mutating and developing, even adults among us are still developing physically.

Imagine that you are again a young child or a baby.  You are still growing, your bones, forming and developing; your immune and hormonal systems, your mind and character are all developing.


Imagine having your young bones drilled to mine for their calcium.  Imagine, and it has probably happened to you, that your developing mind and personality are ‘drilled’, damaged by the words, opinions and hurtful actions of others.  Can you ever completely recover or does all this change your being as a whole, complete entity?

Imagine that you organs are removed—even only one of them.  Your being is not the same as it was; it has been rendered WEAK, FEEBLE.  It does not ‘work’ the same any more.

Imagine that this goes on steadily for most of your life or is acute over a shorter period.



Luckily for us, we can mostly recover, if we know how. BUT we cannot do this without the oxygen we need, the fresh foods, a stable Earth.  The ‘natural’ disasters which are happening are a sign of the Earth’s being constantly and consistently weakened.

The Earth needs our help to heal.  She is sacrificing herself for us to learn—but are we, in fact, learning?


However, the Universe as a whole will suffer if we do not get our collective act together.

As I said, the Earth as an entity is dying; she is not ‘working’ the same way as she did even 50 years ago, 200 years ago.

As with your body, parts removed change the whole system and its workings; one chakra out of balance affects the whole chakra system and the physical body, creating a chain reaction into the mind and soul of the person. IT IS NOT THE SAME and cannot react, or behave, the same within the system of society/family.


Gaia is becoming depressed; if you know someone who has suffered from depression, did that person behave the same way as when not depressed?  It is the same with Gaia and her relationship with us, her inhabitants and with the Universe, her colleagues, or friends, her social system.

If Gaia’s life-force is missing from her body, she is dead.  It is the same with humans.  A dead body cannot do anything but decay!  It no longer interacts with other people—this is obvious.  So it is with Gaia; she will not be able to interact with other planets and hold us stable in the Universe.

This Earth is a beautiful and amazing planet and we CAN heal her if we act quickly.  We are her caretakers—up to now doing a crap job of it.

Let’s take care of her now, thus ourselves and future generations.

24/03/2019; JUST WRITING

24th March 2019; Just writing 

Afternoon, still, sunny and warm. Bees are bumbling about in search of nectar, birds singing in the trees.  Me? Sitting and enjoying, having found my nectar—an afternoon of peace, harmony in nature and utter relaxation!

Right now—and not usual for me—I am not too bothered about what the rest of the world is doing. I am just breathing in peace and wishing that the rest of the world is/could or would be doing the same.

This is what it is all about; peace. The ability just to be in this/the moment and appreciate it for what it is.

Gratitude; to have somewhere where I can feel this peace.  I am wishing this for the rest of the world, too.  (See, I do care!)

Schmaltzy?  I don’t care. This is what it SHOULD be about, appreciating those small (or bigger) moments.  And, with that appreciation and gratitude, those feelings build and expand.

If you can take just one moment each and every day to appreciate something, be grateful and then think (send out) those feelings to others—how would that be?

What could come of that?  How would your consciousness expand and your whole being grow?

Think of just one thing in your life for which you are grateful (or for which you can/could be grateful) and let that feeling fill you up.  Then extend that feeling to those around you, those you love (and beyond).

Watch the ripples!

You have the power to change things, the World, the Universe, Life!

So, are you doing it?  Or just letting it go?

From Karen (Karen Jane Tinker), Christine (Christine Settle) and the *Lords of Melchizedek© 

*Beings of the Highest Consciousness whom I have channelled for the past 19 or more years

© KarenJTinker 2019

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20.10 | 12:31

coucou, Sandrine. merci pour ton message! je viens de le voir.
a bientot, j'espere. salut

10.08 | 20:20

Karen posséde quelque chose de plus que d autres thérapeutes n ont pas ! Sens de l ecoute, pleine d humilité, les bienfaits de ses soins sont surprenants.

19.08 | 16:51

Dear Karen
Did you make measurement of Your way of healing people ( Certificate, Studies on people,...) ?

Did You have measurement of the energy field of the p

03.05 | 23:55

I really enjoyed this interview and the meditative exercise for re-harmonizing my chakras.

Thank you! :)

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