People ask me...WHY?

People ask me...WHY?

In this line of work, people want miracles; they expect me to grant their miracle-wishes.

They can have those miracles and wishes, if only they realised that it is not I who give them!  They give themselves what they want and need.

I do what I am able, to facilitate people to find their own miracles and to encourage them all I can to believe that they DESERVE those miracles.

Everyone does.

It takes belief in that deservedness and a willingness to heal and to align with the vibration of what it is they want.

Those who don't believe hat they deserve to heal (a bit about contracts and lessons in a minute) won't heal.  Those who don't believe that they deserve to improve, to advance, won't!

The hard part is aligning yourself with that level of deservedness.  Then you can move forward.

Don't get me wrong--I haven't cracked this fully for myself--yet!  I can see and work with a whole lot more for my clients/friends than I can for myself and I don't take a lot of time to do this for myself either, if truth be told.

We are all human and it takes a whole lot of de-and re-programming.  You can take the time to do this for yourself.  And it can be done!


As I said, I do my best to facilitate my clients, friends, all with whom I come into contact.

This takes the ability to bring in a high energetic vibration for people, to apply that during the session and to help/teach them to maintain that vibration.

Then it is their choice, not a question of my abilities.

The biggest part is self-help!

Raise your vibration by positive thinking, firstly by knowing, not just believing, that you DESERVE all that's good.  You deserve to advance.

I can tell you that you deserve--you then choose to accept that, or not!  It's entirely your choice.

You need also to be willing to advance and heal.  Another choice.


Back to the title of this post--People ask me 'Why?'

Why don't I heal?  Why don't I get the love/riches/new job I want?  They explain that they have applied the Law of Attraction and it doesn't work.  Why didn't the work you did on me bring the results I wanted/expected?

Possible Reasons

  • they don't believe/know they deserve to heal, get the job, find love, become financially rich.
  • there's energy 'stuck' or stagnant in their holistic vibration which is preventing new, fresh energy moving things.  (this includes contracts and lessons; read on)
  • when working between dimensions, many things need to unfold before the actual miracle-wish can present itself--energy needs to shift and clear.
  • further to that; other-life influences and energies can be imprinted in the physical (and other energies of the holistic being) in this life-time.  This includes contracts made in other lives, memories of those lives, the manner of death in those other lives and more.  It also includes lessons for this lifetime which we have chosen to learn in the existence between lives befoer being incarnated into this life.
  • maybe the Law of Attraction didn't work for any (or all) of the reasons above or, maybe the person needed to align him/herself with ALL the Universal Laws, not just the one (see my book how to Free Yourself and Manifest' on Kindle and other e-readers via
  • further to that, I'd like to say that one can only really align oneself to the LoA if one is aligned with the other laws.  To raise one's vibration, it's stronger to be in touch with more than one Law.
  • they expect me to wave a magic wand and not take responsibility for their own lives.   This is the major reason for most people.  They don't want the responsibility for changing their own lives.

Energy workers can help with much of that.  Remember, it takes the capacity and ability to channel a huge amount of high vibrational energy during a session. 

It is then up to the client to make his/her choices and maintain the energy/vibrational level reached during the session.

My affirmation is here for you to use to help yourself remove any and all energies which do not serve your purposes.  Removing those stagnant/inappropriate energies will lift you into a higher vibration and allow you to achieve what it is you wish for.

As I said, I haven't fully cracked it!

Secondly; be grateful (a great vibration raiser) for all that you do have, even if it doesn't seem to be much--this is comparitive and it's much better to remove oneself from the competitive/comparitive way of thinking.

Focus on what you would like to have, with gratitude for what you already have and more comes in.


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20.10 | 12:31

coucou, Sandrine. merci pour ton message! je viens de le voir.
a bientot, j'espere. salut

10.08 | 20:20

Karen posséde quelque chose de plus que d autres thérapeutes n ont pas ! Sens de l ecoute, pleine d humilité, les bienfaits de ses soins sont surprenants.

19.08 | 16:51

Dear Karen
Did you make measurement of Your way of healing people ( Certificate, Studies on people,...) ?

Did You have measurement of the energy field of the p

03.05 | 23:55

I really enjoyed this interview and the meditative exercise for re-harmonizing my chakras.

Thank you! :)

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