Here's the link for a Gift of Healing TV programme replay with my good friend and respected lightworker, Maria Brooks.

I highly recommend Maria's work; she is a highly developed and enlightened person with much to share.

Wishing you enjoyment of this programme--link here.

Insight into the role of Mary Magdalene with Maria Brooks

Links for the 8th July programme are;



 I hope you enjoy the meditation and benefit from it.  If you are interested in my Violet Flame courses, please contact me via my Contact Page.

Latest comments

10.08 | 20:20

Karen posséde quelque chose de plus que d autres thérapeutes n ont pas ! Sens de l ecoute, pleine d humilité, les bienfaits de ses soins sont surprenants.

19.08 | 16:51

Dear Karen
Did you make measurement of Your way of healing people ( Certificate, Studies on people,...) ?

Did You have measurement of the energy field of the p

12.01 | 11:40

merci beaucoup Karen pour tes explications claires sur ce forum
et surtout pour ta disponibilité depuis que je t'ai retrouvée

03.05 | 23:55

I really enjoyed this interview and the meditative exercise for re-harmonizing my chakras.

Thank you! :)

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